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Narcissus absolute is one of the most precious materials of perfumery.

The smell is green, deep like a bottomless well and narcotic The delicate and poetical scent of the flower can be discerned in this essence when it is very diluted and only by an experienced nose.

It will blend very well with Jasmine sambac and oppoponax to reproduce a more than true evocation of the Narcissus flower.

Soothing and calming of the emotions, it fits the “Licopodium” omeopatic personality. It will help those who must deal with the publicat work and who have come to detest it.

The effect is to narcotize the emotions and to bring a deep inner peace similar to that of a calm sea.

I have used it with success on patients afflicted with Parkinson disease, using it as a perfume or by just inhaling the smell from the bottle.