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Strawberries are a well-loved fruit that actually have quite a few health benefits to the body, and the fragrance is extremely enjoyable and is able to give a boost to the emotions and the mental health. These luscious berries date back as far as times with Ancient Romans and Greeks.

Going back as far as ancient Egypt, wild strawberries were used to help with the skin and reduce acne. Others used to use this bright red fruit rubbed on their lips as a natural lip stain. Beginning in the 18th century, strawberries began being cultivated in gardens, which is why they have often been associated as a European fruit.

Because Strawberry Fragrance Oil is not made strictly from the strawberry plant, it does not have the same benefits that might come from an essential oil or an absolute oil. Mostly, as the name suggests, it is simply used for fragrance and perfumery purposes in various body products as well as blends for the home such as scented candles and room sprays.

Some oils, however, can be made from the seeds of strawberries, which may have certain health benefits such as moisturizing and smoothing the skin, treating dry skin, delaying the effects of aging (as wrinkles are more apparent in dry skin), and giving a moisture boost to the hair as well.